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Introduction to Assignment

This assignment “Technical Assistance for the Application of Environmental Measures in Hotels’ Operations”, part of “the four-year project ‘Mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into the tourism development and operations in threatened ecosystems in Egypt’, is expected to target ecologically-sensitive areas exposed to tourism development pressures in the short-to-medium term with the objective of mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into tourism-sector development and operations”.

The assignment is structured in such a manner to not only implement environmental measures or merely raise the capacity of individuals in the tourism sector, but it also aims to mainstream the implementation of environmental measures in the tourism sector, on both the operational and regulatory levels. The ultimate objective of will be achieved when the developed measures become an integral part of tourism operations and the frame of considering environmental best practices is part of managerial decision making.  This mainstreaming is envisioned to be attained through bringing about “individual and institutional behavioral changes” through two key principles: 1) a highly adaptive approach and 2) building the capacity of management personnel.

Environmental measures refer to technologies or behavioral/managerial activities or way of doing things which has a positive environmental impact. That positive environmental impact is measured in comparison to current practices and hence is a moving target. Environmental measures in hotels can address various themes such as water, waste, air, energy, biodiversity, etc. The measures manifest in hotel operations and in various locations within hotels (kitchen, guest rooms, beaches, etc.).

Cairo Nile view
Nile view, Cairo, Egypt.

In many cases, environmental measures also are cost saving and hence can lead to direct increase in profitability. The attraction to the implementation of environmental measures can pure financial returns since many are financial rewarding and feasible. Even when measures are not financial feasible they can lead to increased revenues to hotels through preservation of natural habitat which attracts tourists or through leveraging environmental sustainability as an attraction to environmentally conscious guests. 

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